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Hüseyin Hilmi Işık

He was born in house No. 1 of the Şîfâ Yokuşu, Vezirtekke Sokağı, Servi Mahallesi, Eyyûb Sultân, in Istanbul, on the beautiful spring morning of the 8th of March, 1911 (1329 Hijrî). His father Sa’îd Effendi and grandfather Ibrâhîm Effendi…

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The Fundamentals Of Islam

With the aid of and the strength given by Allahu ta’ala, who keeps all ‘alams in existence and gives all the favors and gifts and who never sleeps, now we begin to explain the blessed saying of our Prophet (sall-Allahu…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Commonly asked Questions about Islam. And Explanations of the most commonly used words about Islam religion. Also, you can access our answers to frequently asked questions about Muslims and their faith, ranging from the most basic to the most…

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May Allâhu ta'âlâ accepts your great work for the religion. I feels myself rescued from Hellfire only because of your books which I received. I have no words how to thank you.


May Allahu ta’ala rewards you and allots the eternal Gardens of Paradise for you and all people who are part your group; your publications saved me from deviating into wrong path.