It is stated in the hadiths [1] in Ma’rifatnama, “The happy person is the one who abandons the world before the world abandons him;”
“For him who desires the next world and works for the next world Allahu ta’ala makes this world a servant;”
“He who works only for the world gets only what is in his qadar [1]. His matters are complicated and his worries are many;”
It is so astonishing that a person believes that the next world is eternal and yet holds fast to this world;”
“The world was created for you, and you were created for the next world. And in the next world there is no place other than Paradise and Hell fire;” “May the person who worships money and food be annihilated!;” “I do not think about your becoming poor, nor do I worry about it. I fear that you, having obtained plenty of the world, may become disobedient towards Allahu ta’ala and hostile against one onether, exactly as it happened to your predecessors;”
“The harm of the ambition of property and fame to man is more than the harm of two hungry wolves that have run among a flock of sheep;”
“Abandon the world so that Allahu ta’ala will love you! Do not cast a covetous eye upon others’ property so that everybody will love you;”
“The world is like a bridge to be passed. Do not try to repair this bridge. Pass it as soon as you can and go!”; “Work for the world as much as the length of time you will stay here, and work for the next world as much as the length of time you will stay there!”

[1] hadith (sharif): i) a saying of the Prophet (‘alaihi ‘s-salam).; al-Hadith ash-sharif: all the hadiths as a whole; ii) ‘ilm al-hadith; iii) Books of the hadith ash-sharif. iv)Al-hadith al-qudsi, as-sahih, al-hasan: kinds of hadiths (for which, see Endless Bliss, II).
[2] qadar Allahu ta’ala’s predestination in eternity of things that have been and will be created from eternity in the past to the everlasting future.
Hadith-i Sharifs About Attaining Eternal Felicity
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