Mohammad Arif, India

“May Allâhu ta’âlâ accepts your great work for the religion. I feels myself rescued from Hellfire only because of your books which I received. I have no words how to thank you. I prayed so much for your group and Hadrat Huseyn Hilmi Isik.”

Abdul Majeed, South Africa

 May Allahu ta’ala rewards you and allots the eternal Gardens of Paradise for you and all people who are part your group; your publications saved me from deviating into wrong path. I have no words how to say Thank you.

Yousef N., Spain

I learned a lot what I did not know, you’re sending books free of costs and this is the only reason I received books in my home. Otherwise, I had no source to know about your publications. I prayed very much for all people who did such a great work, I prayed very much for Huseyn Hilmi Isik ‘rahmatullahi ‘alaihi’. Thank you very much.



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